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3 Things You Can Do with Your Magnet Fishing Finds

While not a common hobby, magnet fishing is a fun activity that people of all ages can enjoy. All you need to make the most out of magnet fishing is a rope and a powerful magnet. Just tie the magnet to the rope, toss it into a nearby lake or river, and reel it back in for a surprise find!

You might find anything from aluminium cans to even jewellery if you are incredibly lucky! That said, if you do go out magnet fishing, you may be wondering what you should do with whatever you will catch. After all, you are not catching fish to cook for dinner later.

If this is a question that is still boggling your mind, keep on reading. Here is what you should be doing with your magnet-fishing finds

  1. Check its integrity

The first thing you should always do with any find is to check it thoroughly. This can include checking its sturdiness, integrity, and so on to make sure it does not break or get damaged when stored away. Also, an inspection is vital to make sure no surprise visitors are waiting to cause trouble, such as a crab hiding in a metal can, ready to wreak havoc. Once you thoroughly check the object, you can safely store it away and decide what to do with it later.

  1. Determine its value

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. This is something you must keep in mind when going magnet fishing. When you find an object, you may automatically assume that it has no value or importance. However, to someone else, that object may be priceless. For that reason, doing a little research on whatever you pick up, especially if it is something that looks intricate or remotely expensive, can help you earn some quick cash. This can also be done at a pawn or antique shop, where you can bring the object in for inspection and get offers for it.

  1. Use it for other hobbies

Magnet fishing is a great hobby to pair with other kinds of hobbies. For example, if you love to restore old objects to their former glory, you can use metal fishing as a way to provide you with old, rusty, and dirty items that you can restore. If you have other hobbies, like metallurgy, you can melt down all the metals you pick up from magnet fishing and turn them into something beautiful.


Remember, everyone is different! What you will do with your finds can be vastly different from what others will do with theirs. Because of this, the best thing you can do when going out of metal fishing is to be creative with the catches you find! From selling them for easy cash to putting time and effort to turn them into something beautiful, there are just so many things you can do with the items you catch from metal fishing. Plus, with so many different items you can catch, such as coins, guns, knives, tools, lures, and even bikes, the possibilities are truly limitless.

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