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5 Beginner Tips for First-Time Gold Prospectors – Our Guide

Are you starting your first ever prospecting adventure for gold? Fortunately for you, advancements in technology have made this activity a lot easier. In addition to this, finding this precious metal is easier than ever since many places today are identified through articles and literature available from our mines department as potential places for gold.

With that in mind, prospecting for gold—especially as a beginner—can be made much more efficient with the proper know-how. Below are a few tips to help you not only better prepare yourself for the venture, but also increase your chances of success:

1. Head online for information

Before you start any gold prospecting venture, remember to look for information online beforehand. You can find out where the best gold-hunting spots are by doing a quick search. Also, you can look around to learn more about these areas, learning where the gold can be found specifically, what the terrain is like, and what other things you can expect. Armed with this information, you will be able to decide where you want to look for gold and which areas to avoid completely.

You will be likelier to succeed if you are more prepared, so do not ever forget this step.

2. Learn how to read maps

Learning how to read geological maps and survey maps are definitely the best way to get ahead in the gold game. If you can identify the right ground for gold you will save lots of time looking in the wrong areas.

3. Ask for local knowledge

Visit your local prospecting store or mines department. These places are always the best for accumulating information as these people will be prospecting or researching their local areas.

4. Be ready to get dirty

Gold prospecting means you’ll have to get into the dirt, mud, and similar places most of the time. In other words, there is almost no way you are going to stay clean and dirt-free.

For that reason, you should always be prepared to get dirty. While finding yourself deep in the dirt will not make the activity any easier, it will undoubtedly make the activity even more satisfying and exciting once you finally find what you are looking for.

5. Stay patient

Above all else, always be patient. Remember, just because you are fully prepared to look for gold does not mean that you will find any. That said, when you have been out there for hours without a single find, do not lose patience! Who knows, the next few steps you take might just land you the most significant discovery of your life!


Prospecting can be a fun-filled activity, especially when enjoyed with a group of people. When someone finds any gold, all of you are going to cheer in happiness knowing that, with everyone’s help, gold has been struck! With that, even if you go home without some gold, do not be too disappointed. Think of the time you spent as an opportunity for you to slowly turn from a beginner prospector into a pro!

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