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Before You Head Into the Wild: 3 Safety Tips for Prospectors

Prospecting is a popular activity for locals and tourists, from amateurs looking to find a lucky haul to dedicated veterans who are well-versed in finding and seeking profitable sites. The fun with prospecting is that it can take a day to over a few weeks, which makes it an excellent way to disconnect from the busy city and seek adventure in the wild.

Preparing for the unexpected

Although heading into the bush can be adventurous, you should also consider that the unexpected can happen to you and your fellow prospectors. You may end up getting lost in the wild or lacking resources while you’re in the middle of nowhere. As such, your proper preparation is the key to making sure that you have a safe and successful trip.

Before you head on to the wild, here are three safety tips you should keep in mind:

  1. Plan your trip beforehand

Depending on what your prospecting trip is for, you should always plan a trip based on your experience level. It means that you shouldn’t go excavating off the grid if you don’t have the right information or resources with you.

If you go to potential digging sites without the right data, you might end up wasting your trek and endangering yourself. Consider coordinating with police reports and check the local weather updates to prepare your gear for the right climate and road conditions you’ll face.

Besides doing your research on a specific site, you should always remember to let people know where you’re going and how long your trip would be. Leave behind copies of the maps together with markings on the roads you’ll use or GPS coordinates, if possible. Be specific about the details of your trip from the people you’ll be with to your vehicles’ license plates. Doing so gives you a safety net in case you run into an emergency while in the wild.

  1. Stay connected while in the wild

Sometimes telecommunication coverage is not reliable if you are prospecting or fossicking far from cities. Because of this, you need to bring other communication devices that are best in such a situation. You can rent Satellite-based devices that have wide coverage if you don’t plan to own one for infrequent trips.

A Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) is an effective way to send messages to emergency services while you’re in the wild. It goes through satellites to transmit coordinates that rescuers can use in pinpointing your location. These are compact and relatively inexpensive, which makes them perfect for prospecting.

  1. Pack the right clothing and gear

Besides your communication devices, you should be prepared to handle different types of obstacles in the wild, such as harsh weather and difficult terrain. You’ll most likely be prospecting in the morning, which means that you should stay hydrated to beat off the sun’s heat. It’s recommended for you to bring at least four to six litres of water per day per person; depending on the weather conditions, you may want to bring more.

Don’t forget to have an emergency kit that contains first aid, matches, mirrors, and thermal blankets. These items will help you in surviving different environmental conditions. You should also make sure that you have enough packed clothing for your trip. Wear light for humid seasons and prepare to bring raincoats and boots for rainy seasons.


Prospecting is an excellent way to have some time off from your responsibilities and get time for yourself or to hang out with friends who share the same interests as you. Even though it can be a fun and exciting activity, you should always pack the right gear to keep yourself safe from the different environmental obstacles of the wild.

The key to a safe and successful prospecting trip is by having the right tools to help you while you’re on the hunt in the wild. If you need devices, such as geologic maps, GPS equipment, or gold metal detectors in Perth, get in touch with us today, and we’ll make sure that you’re appropriately geared up for your prospecting trip!