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Our Prospecting Guide to Using Your Metal Detector Properly

It’s one matter to go prospecting, and it’s another to pursue this with the aid of modern devices. Of course, the latter will make your prospecting pursuit more efficient and more fruitful. In particular, with the use of a metal detector, you’ll end up with a goldmine of treasures, such as gold or other metals! But if you want to make the most of your device, you must first read the manual, learn its various settings, and learn how to use it efficiently. Otherwise, it defeats the purpose of investing in this device if it won’t help you find what you need during prospecting.

In this article, we’ve rounded up four valuable tips on how to use your metal detector properly so that you can make the most of this device:

  1. Learn how to use your metal detector

Although this is a basic step, we need to remind you to learn how to use your device. Start by reading the instruction manual provided by your manufacturer to know the basics of its usage. If you need help, you can consider searching on Google for the instructions or watch YouTube for a step-to-step guide. Likewise, you can also get an expert who can assist you with it!

  1. Practice in your own backyard

Cliché as it may seem, but practising will still help perfect your craft. Once you know how to use your metal detector, it helps to have a test spin in your own backyard beforehand. All you have to do is to put metal items like coins, jewellery pieces and metal objects on the ground and start swinging your device to get the hang of it. Also, bury some metal items underground and use your device to test the alert sounds. Be sure to get acquainted with the alert sounds for different metals before actually going out for your prospecting adventure.

  1. Take advantage of all the settings

Keep in mind that the device settings vary from one metal detector to another. For this reason, you must know that each feature has its purpose so that you can take advantage of them. Unfortunately, some prospectors are good with knowing the basics but do not bother to learn more about the other settings. What they fail to realise is how all these can help them in their journey big time, especially when it comes to different outdoors situations.

  1. Identify targets and search with an intention

For your prospecting goals, it makes a difference if you do your homework beforehand. Be sure to research the location and identify various targets in the area. While you’re on-site, you should narrow down the potential location of your target items. When metal detecting, be as deliberate as possible by moving your detector side to side or front to back. If you do so with a purpose, you might eventually find what you’re looking for!


At this point, you now know how to use your metal detector properly. All it takes is to learn how to use the device, practice in your own backyard, take advantage of all the settings, and identify targets and search with an intention. By making the most of your detector, you’ll make your prospecting journey worthwhile and go home a happy camper with a pan of gold deposits!


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