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33b tumbler starting kit



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The 33B Enthusiasts Kit Includes:

Complete Lortone 33B Tumbler – our most popular double barrel tumbler.  Commercial quality, long lasting equipment (not a toy)

  • Starter Kit A – our most popular Starter kit of Media with enough for several months of Tumbling – included in the kit is:
  •  #80 Silicon Carbide for Coarse Grind – 500 grams
  •  #220 Silicon Carbide for Medium Grind – 500 grams
  •  #600 Silicon Carbide for Sanding/Pre-Polish – 500 grams
  •  Cerium Oxide for Polishing – 250 grams
  •  250 grams pack of plastic pellets
  • Professional Gemstone Tumbling Book by Lortone – a useful easy step-by-step guide to all you need to know to start work (20 pages)
  • 10X Loupe to help you inspect rocks and decide when they are ready for next stage
  • Blunt Tweezers to pick up and sort gems/rocks
  • One lot of Rough Rocks for your First Tumbler Load (approx 800 grams, random selection)
  • Small pack of settings – bead cages and key ring chains to help turn your tumbled rocks into something useful (no extra tools/glue required)
  • Free Gift – Aussie Sapphire hat (style may vary depending on available stock)

Join ALF – our Free Lapidary Forum where you can ask any questions on Tumbling or Gems.  Moderated so that it is Family Friendly. 

This is the most popular double barrel model of Lortone Rock Tumbler – an excellent choice for rock tumblers with a capacity of 3 pounds per barrel (~1.3 kilograms).  These tumblers feature a moulded rubber barrel to provide extra sound absorption and excellent results.  Instruction book is included plus the Lortone Guide to Rock Tumbling.


This model has a 230 Volt electric motor and 3 pin plug to suit Australian power supply.

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Weight 5 kg


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