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Nomad PDU 100AH Portable Lithium Battery



100 ah Lithium NMC 11kg 320x315x90mm


Key Features:

· Massive 100ah with 80% Depth of Discharge (DOD)

· Latest Lithium NMC (Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide) Battery Chemistry

· 20A Drawdown available across all Outlets (Anderson style output is 20amp

· 25amp Regulated Charge or 10amp Un-Regulated with in-built BMS & MPPT

· Charge via 240v AC/DC, Regulated or Un-Regulator Solar, Ciga or Hard-Wired DCDC Kit

· Voltage Range 8.8V – 12.4-6V

· Outputs include 2 x Ciga, 1 x Engel, Dual USB, 2 x 2.1mm Jacks & 20A rated Anderson style (all Outputs are rated at 10amp max except Anderson style Outlet)

· Lightweight and Compact at only 11KG

· Life-Cycles (600-800 minimum and we have older units with over 1,000+ Cycles)


Key Benefits:

· More Cost Effective than a traditional Dual Battery Setup

· Fuel, Weight & Space Savings

· Slimline Mounting Bracket allows for quick and easy Vehicle release

· Simply remove from Vehicle for Recreational & Off-Grid Usage

· Run your Fridge, Fans, Lights, Camp Ovens, Laptops, Phones all from your Nomad

· Charge your Nomad whilst driving (Ciga or hard-wired DCDC kit) or via a Regulated or Un-Regulated Solar Panel (check Panel specifications)

· Significant Power Gains & Weight Savings compared to traditional setups

· A Range of Accessories are also available to complement your Nomad

Additional information

Weight 5 kg


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