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Wholesale Gold -10 Grams Of Nuggets



10 grams of natural gold nuggets from Western Australia. These vials are the cheapest natural gold nuggets you will find online. Perfect for any smart investor looking to store real gold, people looking to resell online and those making “Paydirt”.

Due to the low price, this gold is considered wholesale natural gold nuggets. We have spent years creating relations in the heart of the Goldfields that allows us to offer these amazing prices to our customers.

Pricing is adjusted weekly, based on spot price at the time. Adjustments are made according to availability and our acquisition cost.

The gold’s origin will vary, however all of the gold is from Western Australia. This means that the gold is of high purity and is ethically sourced.

The gold nuggets in each vial will vary in size. Most of the nuggets will vary between 2-6mm.

Larger orders may qualify for additional discounts. Email us your size and quantity needs to info@prospectorspatch.com.au or call 08 92508998 to discuss options.

Shipping: because of the high value, we will ship only to the billing address of record. Signature will be required for delivery.

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