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The Top 3 Tips to Remember When Prospecting for Gold

Gold prospecting in Perth is a popular hobby that people of all ages seem to enjoy because the activity gets them off their couches and provides an opportunity to spend free time outdoors. Not only do you get to stay active and enjoy nature, but you can also find buried treasure along the way!

If you don’t quite have beginner’s luck and you’re worried you won’t find anything during your first take at prospecting, you shouldn’t overthink it, and just let yourself have fun. Since there are endless places you can try prospecting, like the beach, the woods, and the river, you will never run out of locations and chances at coming across gold and other valuable items.

Before you embark on your journey of panning for gold, it’s essential to remember some tips to prevent the chances of going home empty-handed.

Use the Right Equipment

For people who are new to gold prospecting, while it’s important to have a pan with you, it would also help to bring along more gold-digging gear to guarantee you have the best time. Using the right equipment can also keep you from stressing out once you find treasure and you don’t have the right tools to dig them out.

Aside from your pan, some essential prospecting tools include a classifier, which you will use as a strainer to eliminate dirt and debris to expose your gold nugget and other finds better. You may also need glass vials to store treasure and a pair of tweezers for holding delicate gold.

If you’re planning to stay longer and you’re unsure of how the weather will hold throughout the day, wearing the proper attire and shoes will keep you dry and comfortable. For those who are worried about getting lost, ensuring your mobile phone is fully charged and bringing a GPS device will also come in handy.

Maintain Realistic Expectations

You may have heard several success stories about metal detecting and gold panning that pushed you to give in, trying out your luck on finding treasure as well. While there are people who have the biggest chance when it comes to finding gold nuggets and flakes, it’s still vital to lower your expectations, especially for someone new to prospecting.

You can’t certainly expect to become a millionaire from looking for buried gold a few times. Despite doing your research on places where there are more chances for you to find gold, you shouldn’t expect to witness vast lumps of gold right then and there.

Instead of focusing on achieving the gold you want, it’s better to appreciate the experience of relic hunting and just savour the activity while it lasts. When you do come across gold, think of it as a reward that you deserve for all your hard work.

Be Gentle With Your Treasure

A crucial mistake that most beginner prospectors end up doing is being too aggressive when it comes to panning their newfound treasure. Harshly sifting gold can affect the gold’s quality, and instead of just eliminating dirt, you accidentally get rid of some parts of your gold too!

Even if you’re left with a significant amount of treasure, the traces of gold you got rid of are still just as valuable. That’s why it’s crucial to be careful when you’re cleaning your gold nuggets to avoid losing what you’ve spent all day to find.

To help you pan for gold properly, you should first find a good spot and start to fill up your pan with dirt. When it’s almost full, dip your pan in the water and start shaking it gently to discard the lighter particles. You’ll know when you’re shaking the pan too hard if solid clumps of dirt start falling off, which could be gold if you’re not careful.


Prospecting gold is a delightful experience, even for beginners—but only if you know not to focus too much on finding treasure and just let yourself have fun. Before you begin looking for gold, remember to use the right equipment, maintain realistic expectations, and be gentle with your treasure so that you can have a great time digging through dirt, wading through waters, and stumbling upon long lost gold.

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