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What You Need to Know About Investing in Natural Gold Nugget – Our Guide

Are you curious to know how much a natural gold nugget costs?

There are several factors that affect the market price of a natural gold nugget, such as its weight, purity, colour, country of origin, etc. In some cases, a nugget will contain other materials, such as silver.

It’s rare to come across gold nuggets these days. In fact, gold nuggets are even harder to find because they form close to the surface. Due to this, the demand for gold nuggets has increased, which makes it a significant investment.

The Price of a Gold Nugget

When you purchase a natural gold nugget, you will usually be given a gram price. That means the price of a gold nugget will be based on how much it weighs based on grams. Furthermore, the grams will be multiplied by the gram weight of the gold nugget.

You’ll find a gold nugget that is as small as a fraction of a gram, while you will find some gold nuggets that can go over five grams. As mentioned, there are several factors that affect the price of a gold nugget, such as:

  • Attractiveness – gold nuggets that only look like a lump of gold tend to have a lower price. On the other hand, gold nuggets that have bright and shiny lustre and interesting shapes will be costlier.
  • Location – the location where the gold nugget was found may affect its price. If you come across a gold nugget that originated from an obscure place, it’s likely that you’ll get it at a much higher price.
  • Size – the bigger the nugget is, the rarer it is—and when it’s rare, it’s pricier.

Today, it’s easier to find gold coins and bars compared to natural gold nuggets. So, expect a higher price for this.

Investing in a Gold Nugget

Investing in a gold nugget may not be a good option. First, it’s already high in price compared to other forms of gold. Second, since it’s so rare, a natural gold nugget’s value may stay the same over time. However, there also remains the possibility that a gold nugget’s value may appreciate.

Should you come across a gold nugget, make sure not to do anything to it to alter it. There are some people who melt them down to extract the gold. The best countries to find a gold nugget is in Australia and Alaska.

If you’re looking for gold mining prospecting equipment in Perth to mine natural gold nuggets on your own, get in touch with us today to see how we can help.