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What You Should Know About Gold Prospecting in Australia

When it comes to making smart investments, buying gold is one of the most recommended routes. Its actual price may change day by day, but it tends to maintain good value for a long time.

If buying gold is already considered a good investment, what more would finding gold bring you? Its continuously increasing price has surely motivated many people into prospecting for the precious metal, and you can get in on that trend if you desire.

If you want to give gold prospecting a try, here are the things you should first learn about the activity.

How to Find Gold

There are simple ways to find gold. However, the equipment that makes it possible is usually quite expensive. You need to have maps, a pickaxe, training, and a Miner’s Right or the license you need to carry out mining activity. If you are to prospect in Western Australia, you need to get the Miner’s Right from the WA government agency. If you are mining as a group, each member should have their respective license.

The training depends on where you’ll enrol, but typically, it is a one- to three-day prospecting course that will teach every participant the following:

  • Where to find gold
  • How to find gold using metal detectors
  • How to legally acquire the gold

Training also consists of an out-of-classroom experience where prospecting students will be brought in the field where they can put their training to the test.

Getting Rich with Prospecting

Gold prospecting is not the path you’re looking for if you want to be instantly wealthy. Though gold nuggets are easy to find, bigger pieces of gold are harder to discover.

You also need to put dedication into travelling around Australia to find where the best gold spots are. The schedule is one of the most crucial factors for this career..

The Best Places to Hunt for Gold in Australia

Luck is another requirement you need to succeed in this career, but if you want to increase your chances, try hunting for gold in these locations:

  • Golden Triangle in Victoria
  • The goldfields of Western Australia
  • Fields in New South Wales
  • Fields in Queensland
  • Fields in Northern Territory

Victoria and Western Australia are proven to be potentially rich seams in Australia. They are also highly accessible.

Safety Concerns when Gold Prospecting

Like any other activity, there is risk alongside prospecting, especially when you visit remote areas. Each trip will last from a day to a few weeks, and a lot of things can occur in places you are not familiar with.

The unfortunate incidents that happen to some prospectors have prompted the government to create a dedicated safety campaign for small-scale gold miners in 2014.

In 2016, a man in his mid-30s was trying to prospect on tenements near the mining town of Ora Banda. His GPS locator malfunctioned, and he ended up walking in the wrong direction to his camp. He was found around 20 km away from his base and was lucky enough to survive the day by drinking water from puddles.


Gold prospecting is not an easy job. It requires patience and determination for you to succeed. You also need to invest in the right equipment and training to enjoy the activity safely and effectively. That being said, finding gold is always rewarding, and discovering your first nugget will make all your effort worth it.

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