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Why Gold Prospecting Is a Great Weekend Activity to Consider

Gold prospecting may be meant for enthusiasts and hobbyists, but that does not mean you cannot be one yourself. Finding gold is a challenging yet highly rewarding activity. If you think you can find a treasure on your own and it is an adventure you will enjoy, consider trying it out.

Gold prospecting is the act of finding gold deposits, and Australia is a continent with a rich gold supply, with 60 per cent of the gold resources found in Western Australia. In fact, Australia is considered to have the world’s largest gold reserves.

Before you can start looking for gold, you need to acquire a Miner’s Right. Using a metal detector can also make the job more manageable for you. If you are interested in this venture yet are having second thoughts about doing so, here are four ways gold prospecting can turn your weekends into fun little adventures:

#1 – It is an excellent exercise for your body

If you need a physical activity that will require you to move and travel, and you like the idea of going on a treasure hunting adventure, consider this prospecting as your next hobby. Gold prospecting will require you to take long walks and get your hands dirty as you search for the precious metal. It is an activity that outdoor lovers will surely enjoy.

#2 – It allows you to explore different areas in your region

Other people enjoy the exploration more than the act of finding the treasure. If you are into activities that will give you a new perspective, meet new people, or discover more places, this hobby is ideal for you. Finding gold is never easy, but if you love the thought of looking for something unknown while learning more about the world around you, you will surely take pleasure in this pursuit.

#3 – A great bonding experience

When searching for gold, it is always ideal to share the experience with others. Make sure to bring a friend. Ask your parents or your children if they also want to have an adventure. Gold prospecting is better when experienced with someone else. It gives you safer and more fun bonding moments with everyone. Moreover, nothing is better than connecting with people around you while doing something you enjoy.

#4 – You get to find gold

If you are looking for the best reason for gold prospecting, it is finding the treasure. The possibility of finding gold is something you should work hard on, but it is not impossible to do. Some gold prospectors take months or years before they find actual gold, but others are lucky to find gold nuggets on their first try. Situations are different for everyone, but not stopping will eventually lead anyone to a successful gold treasure hunt.


Make sure to have the right equipment to make your gold prospecting adventure a success. Train and learn from experts, research the best places to find gold, and have your loved ones join you in this experience. With enough determination and perseverance, you can enjoy a leisurely weekend activity and possibly turn it into a lucrative hobby at the same time.

If you are looking for gold mining prospecting equipment to make finding gold easier, Prospectors Patch has everything you need. We have been providing explorers with up-to-date and state-of-the-art equipment and services for more than 20 years now.